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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Confirmation Speech

This is the speech i gave at my church when i was confirmed...

"I think there is possibly quite a lot of people here today who aren’t Christians, who don’t really understand what we see in Christianity or why we bother. So I thought I’d try and describe to you what I do see in it – explain what exactly I’m doing here…
…A few weeks ago someone told me a story about what will happen in the end. They said:

You’ll stand there in front of God and He’ll look at you’re life and say,
“You’ve done some bad stuff. There’s no way you’re coming into heaven.” But then Jesus steps in front of you.
“No, Father, You’re looking at me. I am in this person and they are in me.” …And all of a sudden you’re perfect!

You can just imagine the terror of being stood in front of the Almighty God – the one who knows every wrong thing you’ve ever done. You suddenly realise just how astronomically bad you actually were. At the time you may not have thought you were a particularly bad person - at least - compared to those around you. But stood there, all alone, in front of the Creator of the universe, the God who is so completely perfect that it’s near incomprehensible, you’re gonna feel so small and helpless.

And just at that moment – just when the full realisation of your complete hopelessness hits you, Jesus steps out from the sidelines and stands in front of you, taking your place.
“No, Father. You’re looking at me.” He stands between you and the Awesome God. He speaks for you. You don’t have to attempt to justify yourself. You just have to watch as He saves your life. He has done - and will do - all that is necessary. He died so that you could live. You have hope.

Can you imagine how you would feel at that moment - the amount of relief, of gratitude, of love that you would feel towards Jesus? You can’t even begin to imagine. Especially for me, who gets nervous about just talking in front of my own church, to have the promise of someone to speak for me, to have a promise that however terrifying an experience it may be, I can be confident that Jesus has done everything necessary to get me into heaven…it just blows my mind!

So that’s what I see in Christianity. That’s why I’m willing to change my life to fit what God wants me to do. It’s my last chance. It’s my only hope. And it’s the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.

God is hugely powerful. He’s not someone you can afford to leave out of the equation. He exists and He can prove it. Countless answered prayers are a testimony to that!

But it’s not just about the future - it’s about the here and now as well. I can tell you from personal experience, if you live your life in the light of God’s love, it will be all the richer for it."


Anonymous Ralph McDaniel said...

Outstanding speech, thanks for shearing it with us.

12:06 pm


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